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Process & Pricing

Adoption Process

Once you have submitted your ONLINE APPLICATION, I need 3 business days for review/approval ( please check your spam for my reply!) . Once approved, you will need to put down a non-refundable $500.00 administration fee to hold your spot on the waitlist.  This fee ensures your spot is held on the waitlist and is due within 7 days of application approval.  While our typical wait time can be 3 to 6 months, there are a few instances where you could choose a puppy before that! 

All parents are fully health tested which includes Embark Genetic Disease Panel that clears them of over 160+ diseases as well as Hips/Elbows xrayed with OFA evaluation from Evet. We are now into the 6th generation of Bella’s bloodline and know it well!

While you are on the waitlist, you will be added to our private BellaDoodle family Facebook page that is filled with photos, videos, updates, and stories of current BellaDoodles in their forever homes.  Our waitlist is updated and sent out every few months all while you can be home researching veterinarians, trainers and groomers in your area preparing for your new puppy! 

When it’s your turn on the waitlist, you’ll be informed via email from me, and the process for getting your BellaBaby will begin! From puppy picking to going-home day your world is about to get even better! You will receive a handout that describes the next steps in the process in detail while you wait for your new puppy to be 8 weeks old and ready to leave the nest! From the moment your application is approved, I will be there to answer every question you have for the lifetime of your BellaDoodle.  You don’t just purchase a puppy, you join a family and I will always be there when needed.


Mini - Mediums

Expected weight is 25 - 45 lbs.

Solid Color


Tuxedo/Unusual Color



Expected weight is 45 - 65 lbs.

Solid Color


Tuxedo/Unusual Color


All puppies are sold as pets with a non-breeding/mandatory spay neuter contract. NO exceptions. There is a $80,000 fine plus all legal fees!

Time to bring your BellaBaby home!!

*BellaDoodle Bag, Mr. Quackers & puppy blanket colors may vary*

What is in your “Go Home Bag”?

As if your new pup wasn’t enough we have packed their go home bag with the necessities!

– A puppy blanket with the smell of their siblings! (this will help your pup feel more at home!)

– Mr. Quackers (your pup’s first toy and will probably end up being their favorite toy!)

– Potty Bells (Bells that you hang on your door, they are step 1 in potty training!)

– Cow Ear (we don’t suggest giving your pup rawhide chews, but these cow ears are a perfect alternative as their adult teeth are coming in!)

– A small bag of Pawtree puppy kibble that your pup has been eating while with us!

– Most importantly their puppy folder (Vaccine records, pet insurance info & login, NuVet vitamin samples, Probiotic samples, Microchip information & more)

All of these goodies and more are packed in a complimentary reusable BellaDoodle bag!

*Every single litter gets to enjoy their Go Home Blankets and get the litter smell on each blanket!*