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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your waitlist?

That is always changing but as of March 2023,  we generally have up to a 3 month waiting period. This isn’t to say a pup won’t be available sooner but you have to be on the waitlist for the opportunity to be offered to you!

What litters do you have coming up and why are they not on the website?

We always have litters coming up and/or already born. Some puppies are reserved in advance with families on our waitlist but there may be a puppy ( or 2) available over and above that list. Once you submit an application and it is approved to join the waitlist,  you will be invited to join our private Just BellaDoodles facebook family page where you can see the current and upcoming litters. This is also where I share any available puppies as well. 

What generation are BellaDoodles & why do you breed that?

We breed Multigenerational. This is anything beyond an F2b. 


Let me simplify it a little more. We started in 2010 breeding Bella, an F1b, to an F1 producing F2b pups. Kept back girls from those litters and bred to studs that were at least F2b as well giving us F4bb and from there we kept back girls that were bred to at least an F1 stud. Continually expanding the generations! 


Why?  With our 1st litter of Multigen pups, we noticed such a difference in their intelligence, overall health, personality & disposition that I knew that is all I wanted to produce. My philosophy is that I will only breed what I would want in my own family.

What sizes do you offer?

Our pups come in all different sizes 🙂  Minis are usually 25 to 35 lbs while Mediums are 35 to 45lbs. Our standards go from there at 45 lbs and up.

Do they shed & are they hypoallergenic?

Yep, but no more than you or I do as humans. If a breeder tells you their doodles don’t shed, there isn’t such a thing unless it doesn’t have hair.  I always have oodles of doodles in our home and get the random tumbleweed of hair on the floor. I wear black pants and don’t own a lint roller. They ride in my car and I don’t have hair blowing everywhere.  They track in more dirt than anything else. The hair is the least of my concerns.


I get several inquiries asking for the F1b generation because they want less shedding and more hypoallergenic..To be totally honest, ours are that and only better!! We have a proven health history with very low shedding, less stomach issues, better health and fantastic disposition.


 In regards to Hypoallergenic, that really depends on the type of allergy.  We are happy to work with you on seeing how your allergy concerns would work out.

We can’t make the trip to pick up the puppy, do we offer delivery?
We do and work with a fantastic flight nanny that will pick your pup up from us, fly with it in the cabin and meet you at baggage claim at your closest airport. We also offer a sweet lady that is awesome at driving them by car. Both options are reasonable in cost and I am happy to furnish you with their information once you choose your pup!
What is the difference between a curly and a wavy coat?

Both are beautiful and each litter can have a mixture of all coats! Both require grooming, combing, and brushing.

Do you keep all the mom and dad dogs at your house?

Our home has a revolving door with BellaMoms & Dads coming to visit but they don’t live with us permanently.

Each one has their own family, a guardian family, that is crazy about them. I am their extended family, like coming to visit grandma 🙂

What is the personality of a BellaDoodle?

 There are so many different adjectives to describe them. 


  • Loving
  • Cuddly
  • Human-like
  • Incredibly smart
  • Irresistible

Do you offer before home training?

YES!! We have started offering puppy preschool this past year to help both you and your new pup get off to a successful start. We have a 2 week minimum with up to 6 weeks. Prices start at $500 per week. More information provided upon request.