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what makes our

Doodles Special?

We breed Multigenerational Doodles – Any generation past the F2b goldendoodle. Our pups are extremely low shedding and allergy friendly. We prefer the breeding of Multigenerational Goldendoodles because they are more intelligent, healthier, more human like. They are manageable in size being 50 to 60 lbs and don’t have the high activity level seen in the early generations of Goldendoodles. Our Multigenerational Doodles have the least likelihood of stomach and skin allergies.

Tami Williamson

She is the heart and soul of BellaDoodles, always striving to bring the healthiest and happiest pups into the world as well as making sure every family is prepared for their newest furry addition.  The puppies’ 1st human mama and most of them never forget it Even years later when they hear her voice on a video.

Emily Bennett

When she is not teaching 5th grade, Emily is busy making sure our BellaBabies shine on Instagram/facebook as our social media manager. It doesn’t hurt that her hobby is photography and she is also our in house photographer!!!   Emily is also part of the guardian family with BellaDad, Atlas and his BellaDoodle brother, Cedar.