F1 Puppies that have been adopted! It is fun to watch them grow!



Emmy is doing well! She is completely housebroken. She was at the vet last week for her rabies and last round of shots. She is up to 22lbs. She is so sweet and goofy! She really has such a great personality. She and my mom's boxer pup, Sophie are getting close. I think they will be such good friends 

 Hey Tami
I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Bean. She is doing
great. People stop and ask me all the time what kind of dog she is and
where I got her.  She walks a mile and half every day and is super
happy and such a friendly dog. Thanks again Lori

 Hi Tami!
I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that Bob is doing great.  He has made himself right at home here which has made us really happy.  We love his little quirks.  He goes to the bus stop with me every morning and every afternoon and he rides with me pretty much everywhere that we go.  He lasted about three hours in his crate the first night and has been sleeping with us in our bed ever since.  He is such a sweetheart and we just love him so much.  Dumptruck and him are getting along fine, they both love to sleep a lot!  I am attaching a few pictures from the week so far. 
I hope you are doing great!

Gibson, or as he is affectionately called, "Gibbo", is doing great. He is having so much fun here. The boys love him too. My little guy said to me the other day, "Life is just better with Gibbo, isn't it.". Gibbo is so good. I've had a whole bunch of people over, and EVERYBODY says how great he is. His best friend is a 6 month old Boxer mix named Zoe. They run around and play non-stop when they see each other. He's also friends with our next door neighbor, Dixie, an older Yellow Lab, but she doesn't have the energy Gibbo has. On nice days, I let him stay in the back yard. He has a circuit he runs until he wears himself out


 Here is a photo of puppy Molly - Collin names her Isabelle, and we call her Izzy. We absolutely love her. This is my 13-year-old son with her. This is a typical day in her life. She has a huge yard too which she adores. Will send more photos later! Happy holidays! We just LOVE her, and our lives are much richer with her in it!!  My husband and I have 2 kids age 13 and 10, and they fight over her constantly. 

Thank you for what you do!



~ Tanner ~





 Hailey & Daisy

~Bryce ~