Meet the BellaMoms & BellaDads

Meet the Parents- #BellaMoms & #BellaDads

We are very proud of our Bella parents!! Most of our BellaDoodle moms are daughters, granddaughters and now great granddaughters of our sweet girl Bella!

It is impossible to give them the love they deserve if they all lived with us so we carefully place them with Guardian families where they are loved and spoiled. For more information about our Guardian Program- click here. 
Our #BellaMoms and #BellaStuds are the picks of the litters! 
 It takes a special family to be a guardian family and we are very lucky to have them in our lives!

Our parents are fully health tested for genetic diseases, Hips/Elbows OFA
,eyes are CERF and Cardiac cleared by our vet to ensure that both they and their pups lead long, healthy lives. 

We have 5 generations of BellaDoodles so we know the medical history.

Miss Isabella ( Bella). 

The Matriarch of BellaDoodles

She started it all and is now enjoying her retirement living with us

 being a Grandmother, Great Grandmother & now Great Great Grandmother to our pups.

 Not many breeders can show you the 5 generations!


Miss Campbell- Active BellaMom

Campbell is a lover girl and always happy, just like her doodle mom Roxy. 

She is a dark red Multigen 
Goldendoodle from Roxy & Prince Charming

Oct 2015 litter.

Campbell weighs 32 lbs. She has a gorgeous coat and super sweet personality. 

Campbell lives with her 
Guardian family and 1 furry sister!

Campbell and Dublyn's 1st litter of 9 - Born 9.8.17

Miss Sybil- Sybi

She is a soft,wavy tuxedo Multigen 

Goldendoodle Girl from our Gabby & Prince Charming. 

Sybi weighs 46 lbs. She loves the water and is just an all around happy girl. 

She lives with her Guardian family in Anderson, SC. 

 Miss Harper- Active Mom

She is a gorgeous red & White, wavy coated Multigen Goldendoodle from our very own Sybil & Dublyn. on 12/4/16

Harper weighs approx 50 lbs. She is sweet, cuddly and such a smart girl!

She lives with her Guardian family & BellaDoodle brother in Simpsonville, SC.

tuxedo, goldendoodle, red , white

Miss Sierra

Sierra is a beauty and so so sweet.

She is a red and white Tuxedo Multigen 
Goldendoodle from our Karma and Prince Charming's Final Litter in 2017.

Sierra will be a mom to our mini goldendoodles with her 1st litter due Winter 2019. 

Sierra weighs approx 35 lbs. She has a gorgeous coat and super sweet personality. 

Sierra lives with her 
Guardian family and 1 BellaDoodle sister! 

Miss London Jade

( active Bellamom)

Do you see her amazing green eyes and liver nose?

London Jade weighs approx 42 lbs.Her coat is gorgeous and pictures don't do it justice. 

She is e

She lives with her guardian family and doodle brother in Georgia.

Teddy Bear, green eyes, goldendoodle

Miss Callie-Upcoming Mom

Miss Calie is gorgeous multigen goldendoodle that is parti factored. 

She has never met a stranger and always has her tail wagging.

Callie weighs approx 35 lbs and is one of our smaller moms. 

She is owned by BellaDoodles and lives with her guardian family in Atlanta Ga


Miss Maggie- Active BellaMom

Miss Maggie is from Karma and James Bond's litter born 12.*13*2014.

She looks so much like her doodle Mom Karma and has inherited her sweet, cuddly and fun personality. 

She has a dark red wavy coat and carries for part so we are excited to see her future pups. 

Maggie weighs 51 lbs and is just the perfect size!

She lives in her guardian home in Simpsonville SC.  

Miss Malley- Active BellaMom

Miss Malley is from Indie and Prince Dublyn's litter born 1.1.16.

She is the perfect combination with tuxedo markings, black nose and a sweet personality.  

Malley has a wavy coat and weighs 52 lbs with legs for days.  

She lives with her guardian family in Boiling Springs, SC. 

Miss Luna Bella-Active Mom

Miss Luna is from Roxy & Prince Charming's Oct 2015 litter.

She has a soft, curly, tuxedo ( red /white) coat.  Luna always has her tail wagging & never has a bad day, just like her Momma Roxy ( retired mom)

Luna weighs approx 32 lbs and is one of our smaller moms. 

She is owned by BellaDoodles and lives with her guardian family and goldendoodle brother in Greenville Sc

Miss Aspen-Active Mom

Miss Aspen is from Karma & Prince Charming's Oct 2015 litter

She has a beautiful creme coat with long legs.  Aspen doesn't think she is a dog and wants to be right there with her humans.

Aspen weighs 53 lbs. 

She is owned by BellaDoodles and lives with her guardian family in Greenville Sc


Future Upcoming BellaMoms that will be a part of our breeding

program once they are older ( close to2 yrs old) and pass their testing. 


Marley Jane













We are excited to have this handsome F1b goldendoodle boy in our breeding program. 

O'Romeo aka Romeo is 45 lbs and is pictures don't do him justice!  He is a red and white tuxedo with the black button nose :) 

O'Romeo lives with BellaDoodle brother and his Guardian family in Hartwell Ga. 

Tuxedo Parti Party Golden doodle


Prince Beckett is a striking multigenerational goldendoodle boy with his green eyes. liver nose and a soft red coat. 

He is 45 lbs of pure sweetness and super smart too!!

Beckett lives in Hartwell Ga with his guardian family and Belladoodle brother, O'Romeo. 



Sir Baxter

Magnificent! This is Sir Baxter, a multigen tuxedo goldendoodle!

He is a future BellaDoodle stud for Spring/Summer 2018. 

Baxter is from our Prince Charming and Miss Marlee and weighs 62 lbs. 

Owned by BellaDoodles and lives with his Guardian family in August Ga.


Prince Dublyn


Meet Prince Dublyn!  He is a one of a kind 

tuxedo Standard Poodle and such a sweet heart!! 

He has such a fun and lovable personality.

Dublyn helps us produce the dark red ( almost chocolate) with the white contrast . He will be breeding with our red and white girls. 

Owned by BellaDoodles and lives with his Guardian family in Liberty SC


tuxedo poodle goldendoodles

Prince Oakley


We are thrilled to add Prince Oakley to our handsome line of studs.  

He is a multigen goldendoodle that is as sweet as can be! Oakley has green eyes and a red color that will be a great addition to our breeding program. 

He weighs 56 lbs.

He lives with his Guardian family in Belton, SC.

Available for OUTSIDE Stud to approved breeders. 

Prince Rigley- aka Riggs

Riggs is handsome red and white parti boy. 

His father is our very own Prince Oakley and his mom is parti poodle from an outside breeder.

We love that he has Oakley's gorgeous green eyes!

Riggs weighs in at 53 lbs. 

He enjoys long walks in the park ;), playing ball and cuddling with his human sister!

Riggs is owned by BellaDoodles and lives with his 
Guardian family and 1 furry brother!

*Not available for outside stud service




Son of Prince Charming & Marlee.

Jax has a curlier coat with the tuxedo markings and a black nose.

He is a happy boy that loves everyone he meets!

Jax weighs in at 49 lbs. 

Look for him to sire in Summer 2018. Jax lives in Walhalla SCwith his doberman sister. 

Not available for outside stud service. 

Mini Bodie

Prince Paddington "Bodie" Bear is our mini stud. Yes, I said MINI :)  I can't tell you how impressed I am with this little guy's personality! 

Bodie is a multigenerational goldendoodle that weighs 17 lbs. 

He will breed to our tuxedo girls spring 2018 . Anticipating pups in the 25 to 35 lb range so stay tuned!

Bodie lives in Augusta Ga with his human parents. 

Not available for outside stud service.



Upcoming BellaStuds


Prince Champion is an upcoming BellaDoodle stud. 

He is parti factored with a soft, wavy, red  & white coat. Look for his pups Summer of 2018!

Prince Buddy

Upcoming F1b Mini Boy-Tuxedo



Our newest addition to the BellaDoodle family is this handsome multigen tuxedo goldendoodle.

He is the son of our Indie and Prince Oakley. If all goes well with his health testing, we will see his pups in 2019! 

Mini Cooper

Our upcoming F1b mini goldendoodle boy 

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