Dear Tami,

Marcia has shown me the photos of our wonderful dog, Sabai Dee that she sent you earlier. I have a few more high quality pictures to add taken by a friemd ( who has given us permission to have them used however we wish). So, feel free to use any photos you like on your site.

By the way, let me say again that you have done a wonderful job breeding healthy and happy dogs. Sabgai Dee has so much personlity and joy, he has enriched our lives! Seriously!Thanks again!

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,

David and Marcia ( pic below)

 Ok - a few more!  But couldn't leave these out!  :)  Funny, looking through all these pics - I just can't imagine him not in our family!  He has been such a huge part of our life this year!! Goldendoodles really do seem to have the best personalities - I'm sure all of them do, even though I'm a bit partial!  Bear is so incredibly tolerant of the kids and actually seems to prefer to be in all the action.  He is also the best cuddler/snuggler on the couch and in bed - and he literally hugs you when you walk in the door - or really any time you need a good "bear hug."  When you sit on the floor with him, he leans into you and tucks his head into you - and it's like he is really hugging you!  Ah - he's the best!  What more can I say?  (I mean....I could go on....but I should probably get some sleep)!  ;-)