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I am very active with volunteering and believe in giving back to our community.  I use my breeder experience and marketing knowledge to help our local animal rescue - . 

I also organized our first Bark for Life team to help fight Cancer. We had over 30 BellaDoodles and families join us for such an important event. It's pretty amazing to have such wonderful BellaDoodle Families. 


What do we need to do to adopt a BellaDoodle? 

You must first complete our online application ( currently disabled) and I will contact you to schedule an interview. I am sure you will have questions and it's important that we get to know each other. After all, we will be family . By doing this, it will help us pair you with the right parents and upcoming litters. 

How does the deposit work?

Once your application has been approved we will need a deposit of either $400 or $600 ( depends on your color preference) to reserve your spot on the waitlist. I can hold this spot for 7 days until we receive your deposit but after that it will be released to the next person that has been approved.

Your deposit is non-refundable but transferrable for 2 years to another litter if life gets in the way and you have to postpone a new puppy. 

BellaDoodles reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone, at any time.
BellaDoodles reserves the right to refund deposit at any time.

Do you ship?

Nope, we won't ship a puppy as airplane cargo but we have other options"

  1. You are welcome to drive or fly to us to pick up your puppy. Our local airports are Greenville SC ( GSP) or Atlanta Ga. ( ATL). There is an additional charge if you want us to meet you at the airport with your pup.. 
  2. We also have a wonderful transport service that is very trustworthy to drive our pups where they need to go and have used her ourselves. Cost is very reasonable. 
  3. Another option is to have us fly with your pup to you.. Usually this averages around $500 plus the cost of the ticket. and carrier. 

Cost will depend on the timing and location for options 2 and 3 .

What happens after I go on a waitlist?

Once your BellaMom goes into heat, we plan the honeymoon about 10 to 14 days after her first day in her cycle. I will send out an email to everyone on the waitlist as well as post on BellaDoodle facebook page about the upcoming event. 

We can usually see signs of pregnancy around 30 days ( sometimes sooner) after breeding and that is updated on our private ALL ABOUT OUR BELLADOODLES facebook page. 

 A female is pregnant 60 t0 65 days ( yep that is quick!!). We do an xray around day 55 to 58 to see if we can get a good idea of how many pups to expect. At this point, the vet can count skulls and spines. It is never a definite number but it is close give or take a 2 or 3. 

I will send out a test text to make sure I have the right cell # for you to text you updates once she is in labor. I will continue to give you updates via text throughout the whole birthing process. We are 110% hands on with the birthing. Sometimes it goes quick and other times it can go on for 24 hours. This all happens in the comfort of our home. We don't have kennels or crates or even a basement. The pups, our moms as well as our other doodles all live in our home. The birthing area is securely gated off so our BellaMom have their own space and there is a total trust in us to help her take care of her babies.  It's a family affair when we have puppies born and Great Grandma Bella as well as Gabby and Roxy love to watch through the gate to welcome them into the world! 

Within 24 hrs of being born, I send out an email with important dates such as puppy picking weekend ( between 4 and 5 weeks old). and going home day. I will also send you my list of items recommend for your new pup so you can start preparing if you haven't already!

What happens if there isn't a pup that I want born in the litter?  We do puppy picking between 4 and 5 weeks old. If at that time( or earlier, you don't want a pup from the litter, we will move you to the next litter. 

Pups go home at 8 weeks of age and this is time bonding with their family and being socialized. To properly socialize your pup please read this article Puppy Socialization: What It Is, Why It's Essential, and How To Do It

We are located in beautiful

 Hartwell, Georgia

  • 1 hr from Greenville, SC
  • 1.5 hrs from Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2.5 hrs south of Charlotte, NC
  • 4 hrs from Charleston, SC